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About the Ammunition Management Policy Training Package

This seminar and workshop training package was developed in order to make available a universally recognised and adopted training package that can be used to promote the worldwide application of the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG). The design of this comprehensive package was informed and refined through a training needs assessment (TNA) process that included reviewing existing training materials and conducting consultation interviews with technical assistance and training providers, as well as in-country practitioners. A Training Review Working Group (TRWG) made up of relevant multi-lateral and international organisations and private companies was asked to review and validate the findings of the TNA along with the proposed training package development plan. The TNA process and review and validation conducted by the TRWG revealed a complete absence of training material on ammunition management specifically designed for senior policy leaders and policy developers. This conclusion, in combination with research indicating that 2019 was the third consecutive year with an annual increase in unplanned explosions, signalled the need for a compelling, targeted and formal training package directed at senior policy leaders and policy developers within a national context.

Course sessions

1.0 Formal welcome and Introductions

1.2 Overview of What Policy Leaders Need to Know

1.3 Managing the Interface within Government: Sctockpile Needs Assessment & RRPL Assessment

1.4 Commitment for Action: Conclusion and Wrap-up

2.0 Recap of learning from previous day

2.1 Advancing the RRPL - Introduction to the Organisational Capabilities Framework

2.2 IATG Organisational Capabilities Framework: Process

2.3 IATG Organisational Capabilities Framework: Functional roles

2.4 IATG Organisational Capabilities Framework: Capabilities enabling Lines

3.0 Recap of learning from previous day

3.1 Tying it altogether: The Preliminary Assessment and Assessment Roadmap

3.2 Conclusion and Next Steps: Identifying and Integrating Resources Policy Package Resources